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Welcome to Ellement Co.!
We make products which are designed keeping in mind the real woman of today. The one who is always hustling but wants to look & feel good too during the process.. Our products are made keeping in mind time efficiency, great quality, value for money; all without harming the environment or animals in the process. All our products are vegan, cruelty free & non-toxic which makes it safe for pregnant women & new mothers too!

Ellement Co.’s vision is to make every woman feel comfortable in her own skin. Our products encourage self expression when you use them; the colour you choose on your nails says so much about your personality & your mood. Our range is vast, but every product has been curated with a thought process behind it to ensure it is convenient and formulated with the best ingredients & in the most sustainable manner.

Ellement Co. Timeline


Gap in the market identified for good quality, vegan, premium nail care products which are gentle to use and non-damaging to the nails. Name of the brand finalised, Product range conceptualised, Brand logo finalised & here we go.. Production begins!


Brand launched! Out in the world! First ever trade show. What a roller coaster of a year! Such a great response & so much love received!


Enhanced our range by adding the PRO collection! Acrylic powders, Sculpting gels, Nail art brushes & tools and successfully entered the salon industry to make our mark!


Launched our nail polish range! 9-free, breathable, highly pigmented & long stay.


Worked on E-commerce growth & reaching out globally!


Continued e-commerce strategies & outreach, added more colours & collections to our 9-free Breathable lacquer range.


Looking forward to a year of growth & learnings. Excited to share our new drops soon! Expanding into a new category & super excited.

Founder's Note

Welcome to the Ellement Experience!

“Our everyday lives have a mind and a momentum of its own, and which is why we have developed Ergonomic Beauty Essentials – a range of products designed and manufactured to make our days more efficient and our lives easier, particularly keeping in mind the ones who are balancing it all; the hardest working women.” says Minash Bablani, the founder of Ellement Co.

We’re on a mission to simplify and provide quality self-care products. We started with exploring my personal favourite & an often untouched category in the beauty industry; nail care. In the years that followed, we grew and expanded more than I ever imagined within the nail care industry. Our underlying mission with every product we create is to go one step further in researching & developing products that already exist. Find the gaps and fill them! Follow us on @ellementcompany & @minashbablani to be the first to know about all our new launches & exclusive offers!

​​We’re incredibly passionate about the products that we make. We’re thankful for all the love you have shown to Ellement Co. and hope you will continue to support us on our journey!

With Warm Regards,