LED Nail Lamp 9 Watt

Rs. 800.00

The LED Nail Lamp 9 Watt by Ellement Co. is a must-have for doing DIY Gel Nails at home! It instantly dries nails, folds, and takes up little room. This is a stylish, portable lamp that comes with a USB cord, eliminating the need for a power cable. This manicure light dries gel nail paints using low heat, which is painless and preserves your hands. If you believe this nail light is too little for your hands, we propose curing your thumb first, followed by the left four fingernails.

Gently push the button to dry the Gel polish; 60 seconds is the timer & it will automatically turn off after that.

Perfect for At Home Gel Polish or Nail Art. Also suitable for learner's & beginners

Can be connected to a plug point, laptop or power bank due to the USB wire, which makes it user friendly while you are on the go as well

It is small and fits into any pouch

6 months warranty included

ABS Plastic