Pretty Please Sparkle Gel

Rs. 1,699.00

A pink glitter gel polish of natural origin that glows with pleasant energy. With this shimmering tint at your side, you may start preparing for a better future. Nails that sparkle! If you enjoy wearing opulent glitters on your nails, Pretty Please should be a staple in your gel paint collection! Put this rose gold sparkle gel polish over a favorite hue or wear it alone! This natural origin gel polish is as shimmery as they come.

Color: Sparkle

Dry Manicure (clean cuticles, lightly buff the nail bed & wipe with Nail Cleanser & Lint Free Wipe) Apply Gel Polish. Cure in the LED lamp for 60 seconds. Apply second coat & repeat. Apply Gloss or Matte Top Coat and cure for 120 seconds.

High glossy gel colour that glides right on and dries immediately, no more waiting around for it to dry or worrying it will smudge, Typical nail polish lasts 3 days, our Nail Gel lasts up to 3 weeks. Have hassle- free, nail beauty for a longer time.

Non-toxic, 5-free formulation & vegan. No Camphor, No Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), No Toluene, No Formaldehyde, No Formaldehyde Resin

How to Remove: Use Back-To-Bare! Gel Remover for fast and easy removal (Not included in this pack; Sold separately)

3 Years