Why is this the product for your salon?

Sometimes it is just about looking presentable! The Just-A-Minute! Gel is a quick fix to a typical 90-minute gel manicure. The application and use of these products results in perfectly manicured nails with high gloss, in a dream time period of under 10 minutes.

Call us to get your custom kit designed with marketing material & merchandise that includes unlimited color choice and quantities (Of what) that your desire or choose from Ellement Basic, Ellement Intermediate, Ellement Pro, Ellement Pro +.

Our teams of professional experts graciously offer their guidance on the product and its use. Give our experts the desired budget you are willing to spend on the products in order to be able to assist you on designing the perfect Salon Kit Box to suit your needs. Rest assured, they do have your best interest in mind.

Drop us a line on or call  + 91 8879192878 for any further information on the product.

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Product Features

Our products are made using high quality raw materials sourced from Germany. The formula of the Just-A-Minute! Gel is developed in the USA.

Just-A-Minute !Gel
is vegan
& non-toxic!

None of our products are
tested on animals, because
animals are Precious!

All Ellement Co. products are
and Formaldehyde.

The product is safe for the
pregnant women and
women around young children

Facilitates organic nail
growth, within three weeks of
application of the product.

Say goodbye to
chipped nails

All our products are tested
to pass health & beauty
tests in Europe & USA.

No nail damage
or yellowing

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