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Soft, glowing, dewy skin is all the craze right now. The trend roots from the Korean slang called “Glass Skin”. While it may seem that all you need to achieve this look is a cleanser and moisturiser; many know that skincare is much more complex. Skin is personal, are so are the issues that come with it. Acne and Aging are no more the only problems that people seek to tackle- the list has grown to include hyperpigmentation, sun damage and fine lines. Convenience is key, and therefore we have a list of magical products that’ll make you #glowforthegods

If You Have Acne Prone Skin…

When Kaolin Clay and 3 finest French Clay’s meet, you get an acne fighting powerhouse in a jar. From tackling pollution and daily wear and tear to promoting some serious skin regeneration- this clay mask purifies every single pore. Your skin will feel soft, smooth and clean; the perfect combination to beat the Mumbai heat and humidity. All you need is a weekly application for some
TLC and #selfcare time to get the skin of your dreams.

Product: Purify! Clay Mask

MRP: Rs.1,100

If You Have Dull Skin…

Skin regeneration refers to shedding old skin and allowing newer skin cells to breathe. It’s an important system to maintain if you want glowy, soft and supple skin. Dull skin is something we all face; especially with pollution and stress taking over our lives. Gently exfoliate with a unique blend Coffee and Bentonite to reveal lush and fresh skin. This form of exfoliation can be used every 2-3 days as blood circulation makes you #glowfromwithin! Use this one of a kind formula in the Cell Regeneration Clay Mask- the true secret to #nofilter skin.

Product: Cell Regeneration
MRP: Rs.1,100

If You Have Damaged Skin…

Dry, itchy, burning and inflamed skin. We have all been through this terrifying pain- one wrong product and your skin rejects it completely! It is important to maintain a healthy skin barrier as to allow for stronger skin and less acne. A good skin barrier also certifies bright and supple skin. Using a blend of gentle but effective ingredients is key when your skin is raw and inflamed- or even just to make your skin stronger for more active chemical ingredients. French Green Clay and Rhassoul Clay work together right from the deepest layer of your skin for an effective use. No more #badskindays when you’ve got your personal skin first aid kit in a jar!

Product: Healing Clay Mask
MRP: Rs.1,100

If You Need a Pick Me Up…

As the day goes by, sweat and pollution form a layer that leaves you wondering- is my skincare even working? With the fresh, enchanting smell of rose petals; the solution to your woes is portable and convenient. A fresh Rosewater spray can invigorate your senses and help reduce redness in your skin. The best part? Its makeup friendly and travel friendly; a total 360 protection for you any time of the day! Regenerate your skin cells and get rid of impurities, all with one spray of your luxurious and
convenient rose water pray.

Product: Refresh Toner Spray
MRP: Rs.650

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