Hair Care in Quarantine

hair Care in quarantine

As we find ourselves huddled up in our houses, hair-care can often be the last thing on people’s mind. With the stress of work, handling household chores and taking care of your loved ones- we can tend to forget to give ourselves that same dotting attention required.

Taking care of your strands holds a very special place in many households. Weekends would specifically be allotted for coconut oil head massages from our mothers, giving us thick and luscious hair that we all adored. Sadly, due to the stresses of work and constant exposure to pollution- hair can become weak and brittle. Dull, dry and frizzy hair is a common issue that we all face with rising humidity and pollution in the air. Quarantine has given us the time we need away from the outside world; centering yourself and finally taking out the time to give your hair some love. We have a few easy tips and tricks you can use while going about your day, giving you healthy locks with ease.


  1. Skip the daily Shampoo!

Your scalp produces natural oils that coat your hair and protect it from outside elements. When we shampoo our hair constantly, it strips our hair of these much needed oils- making your strands dry and frizzy as a result. Take this quarantine period to minimise your shampoo usage, letting your hair breathe and condition itself with its natural goodness. You could also try jumping straight to using a conditioner (A trend called Co-Wash that has taken the internet by storm) if you still feel like you like that “squeaky clean” feeling.


2. Cut down on the Heat

Straightening, blow drying, curling- we’ve all put our hair through the stresses of heat treatment, often on a daily basis! Without proper precautions and care; excessive usage of heating products can cause severe damage to your hair. Dry and frizzy  hair is a common byproduct of not taking care of your hair properly; pre and post heat treatment usage. Give your locks a break during quarantine- lock away your heating irons! Your hair shall soon heal itself and go back to its soft, tameable self overtime. This will also get you to start loving your natural hair all over again.


3. Hair Oils for the win!

There’s no better treatment for your hair than a good oil scalp massage. Using reinvigorating oils that can penetrate the strands and effectively reduce dryness, frizziness is key. Massaging your scalp regularly promotes blood circulation, allowing for hair growth to take place. The benefits are endless. We recommend our HairFood range, with 3 varieties targeting specific hair issues; you are assured to find remarkable results right after your first usage. Apply the night before or even 2 hours before your shower for the hair oil to be absorbed by your scalp, and your strands getting all the goodness from the beneficial ingredients to truly bring your hair back to life.

Hair care needn’t be tough, or even time consuming. It’s intimate, an important one on one time that is so much more than just a mere scalp massage. It’s about taking the time out to think about your day and how you feel on the inside. Reflect goodness, wellness and happiness. Take care of yourself from the inside out.


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