We are women of the 21st century with a responsibility to pave the way for women of future generations. Aware of this responsibility, our founder, Minash strives to inculcate the same into every woman whom the brand touches. If there is anything the Ellement Company understands is that in today’s day and age it is challenging being a woman. Often, we find ourselves switching roles within seconds – from wife, to mum, to co-worker, to sister. We play innumerous roles during the course of a day to keep things around us flowing smooth.

”Our every day lives have a mind and a momentum of its own, and which is why we have developed Ergonomic Essentials – a range of products designed and manufactured to make our days more efficient and our lives easier, particularly keeping in mind the ones who are balancing it all and are the hardest working in a nuclear family: mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, girlfriends, grandmothers, nannies and so on.” says Minash.

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