Mehndi & Manicure

Mehndi & Manicure

At Ellement Co. we strive to make everything easy, yet efficient for you. Therefore, we’ve come up with a special service, ‘Mehndi & Manicure’.
Eliminating the hassle of rushing to the salon with your Mehndi half dried-half wet, always worrying about not smudging it or staining your clothes!

Indian weddings are an integral part of our rich culture, therefore we wish to ensure that you and your guests have a rich experience as well. Usually the first function at a wedding, the Mehndi event is almost like creating a first impression on your guests. So why not make it a good one?

We make sure to send trained professionals to conduct the entire event smoothly, without any reason to travel from one place to another. Our technicians will carry with them up to 75 colours of Just-A-Minute! Gel for your special guests to choose from, to match their outfits. Be it nude shades, or bright; matt effect or glossy, we have it all!
Mimosas, Margaritas or even if it’s just Mocktails, we offer a selection of drinks to go with the whole special day!

Prices on request, please call +91 8879192878 or email for further information. Destination weddings can be incorporated on requested.

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