Nail Care Tips

Nail Care tips

1. Apply cuticle oil

Apply a dainty layer of cuticle oil once everyday. It will moisturize and strengthen your nails and cuticles. The EllementCo. Roll me on cuticle oil will come in handy. It’s perfect to have one in your travel kit on the go.

2. Cut and File

Trimming and filing of nails once a week  is important regardless of whether you are trying to grow your nails longer.

Pro tip: File in one direction to minimize breakage.

Gently push back your cuticles if they are long, but do not get rid of them.

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3. Protective Lacquer

A protective coat will help your nails shine and stay strong. This is a great tip to keep your nails intact and looking presentable!


4. Do not peel polish off your nails

Peeling off your nailpolish will weaken the top layer of your nails and make it brittle. Instead use a nail polish remover to get rid of your nail paint or our back to bare strips will come in handy to get rid of gel nail polish!


5. Clean your nail tools

Cleaning nail tools is very essential. This is something most of us forget or skip! Cleaning the steel clippers, cuticle pusher and other tools with rubbing alcohol.

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