Friday Mini Sparkle Gel Polish

Rs. 650.00

"Friday Sparkle Gel is a silver gel polish with graphite glitter and a sugar touch. She's daring and heavenly all at the same time! Friday will make you think that there is beauty in the midst of gloom. It has the ethereal aura of silver glitters and the enigmatic vibes of graphite glitters - giving your nails a ""best of both worlds"" feel."

Shake well before application. Use within 12 months of opening the bottle. Ensure to close the bottle tight so no air can enter.

High glossy gel colour that glides right on and dries immediately, no more waiting around for it to dry or worrying it will smudge, Typical nail polish lasts 3 days, our Nail Gel lasts up to 3 weeks. Have hassle- free, nail beauty for a longer time.

Non-toxic, 5-free formulation & vegan. No Camphor, No Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), No Toluene, No Formaldehyde, No Formaldehyde Resin

How to Remove: Use Back-To-Bare! Gel Remover for fast and easy removal (Not included in this pack; Sold separately)

3 Years