Japanese Red Sand Nail Filer (180/220)

Rs. 270.00

Made from Japanese Red Sand, this nail file is designed to gently file and shape your nails & buff the nail bed in preparation for a Dry Manicure before Gel Polish Application on natural nails. Japanese Red Sand is known to be soft and gentle for natural nails.

If you wish to remove additional length from the nail, trim it before filing it.Consider the nail in two sections: right and left.Bring your fingers up to your face. Make a half-fist with the bottom of your wrist facing up and your nails curved toward your face.Begin with one of the outer corners and work your way toward the centre. File back and forth over the whole nail tip to avoid damaging the nail.When one side has reached the required length and form, file from the opposing corner toward the centre.Slow down. If you file too quickly, you will remove too much nail too quickly, making it difficult to obtain the appropriate form.

Washable and Gentle on the natural nail bed

Can be used upto 30 times before disposing