Jell-O! Pink 10ml

Rs. 2,250.00

Jell-O! is our signature formulation designed to provide more flexibility and durability to a manicure. It is typically used as a first layer on the natural nail, providing a strong foundation for the rest of the nail enhancement application, such as Gel Polish, Builder Gel or Acrylic Powder. It can also be used on its own as a strengthening overlay gel, by application of 2 coats, first one being quite thin & the second one slightly thicker (like Builder Gel Application). Jell-O! is flexible and less prone to cracking, chipping, or lifting.They also provide better adhesion to the natural nail, which helps the nail enhancements last longer.

Color: pink

  1. Prep your nails: Begin by ensuring that your nails are clean and free from any old polish or residue. If needed, shape and buff your nails to your desired length and shape.
  2. Apply a base coat (optional): If desired, apply a thin layer of base coat to your nails for added protection and to create a smooth surface.
  3. Apply Jell-O: Using the applicator brush provided or a clean nail brush, apply a thin and even layer of Jell-O onto your nails. Start from the cuticle area and gently brush towards the tip, ensuring full coverage.
  4. Cure under an LED lamp: Once you have applied Jell-O to all your nails, cure them under an LED lamp according to the manufacturer's instructions. The curing time will typically range from 30 to 60 seconds per coat.
  5. Repeat (optional): If desired, apply a second coat of Jell-O following the same process as before. This can further enhance the durability and strength of your manicure.
  6. Finish with a top coat (optional): For added shine and protection, you can apply a layer of top coat over the cured Jell-O. This step will help seal the manicure and give it a glossy finish.
  7. Cure and clean up: Cure the top coat under the LED lamp as per the instructions. Afterward, use a clean lint-free wipe soaked in rubbing alcohol or nail cleanser to remove any sticky residue left on the nails.
  8. Enjoy your Jell-O manicure: Once the cleaning process is complete, you're ready to flaunt your beautiful and durable Jell-O manicure. Enjoy the flexibility and longevity it provides.
  • Flexibility and durability: Jell-O! is specially formulated to provide enhanced flexibility and durability to your manicure. It offers a resilient and flexible foundation, reducing the risk of cracks, chips, or lifting, ensuring your nails stay intact for longer periods.
  • Reduced risk of cracking, chipping, or lifting: Jell-O! exhibits exceptional resistance to cracking, chipping, or lifting. Its flexible nature ensures that your manicure remains intact, even under daily activities and exposure to external elements.
  • Beautiful pink color: Jell-O! is available in a stunning pink color, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your nails. Enjoy a manicure that not only performs exceptionally but also looks visually appealing.
  • How to Remove: Use Back-To-Bare! Gel Remover for fast and easy removal (Not included in this pack; Sold separately)

3 Years