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Sunday Brunchin' Mini Gel Polish

Rs. 525.00

Let your nails exude the calming vibes of a lavender-hued Sunday morning with "Sunday Brunchin". This pastel sheer lavender shade adds an elegant touch to your nails, perfect for those seeking a refined and dreamy manicure.

Color: Lavender

Clean and shape your nails.

Apply our recommended base coat.

Shake Just-A-Minute! Gel Polish.

Apply a thin, even coat of gel polish.

Cure under UV/LED lamp.

Optional: Apply a second coat and cure.

Apply gloss top coat and cure.

Enjoy a beautiful, long-lasting manicure with Just-A-Minute! Gel Polish.

Use Back-To-Bare! Gel Remover for fast and easy removal (Not included in this pack; Sold separately)

High glossy gel colour that glides right on and dries immediately, no more waiting around for it to dry or worrying it will smudge, Typical nail polish lasts 3 days, our Nail Gel lasts up to 3 weeks. Have hassle- free, nail beauty for a longer time.

Non-toxic, 5-free formulation & vegan. No Camphor, No Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), No Toluene, No Formaldehyde, No Formaldehyde Resin

3 years