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Alongside curating and developing our own line of ergonomic essentials, we are also a marketplace, i.e., a platform, for retailers, designers, start-ups, and small to medium business to express their creativity by buying and selling ergonomic products, that you are unlikely to find in any average high street shop.

Business Growth

Through our idea of Ellement Economy, our core aim is to provide a platform that aids creative business grow and strengthen.

As Ellement Economy is a private marketplace, it means you have to apply to sell your products with us.

Once your application has been selected, you will be directly connected with creative and like-minded people across the globe that are just as passionate about unique, quality goods sold at an affordable price.

Being a marketplace, there are also ample opportunities where designers and manufacturers can retail and be part of the Ellement Economy. We will also focus on bringing independent, start-up designers to a large retail space in a sustainable and empowering manner.

Our core aim of the Ellement Economy market place is to provide a platform for small to medium sized business, start-ups, wholesalers, retailers and most importantly consumers to aid creative business grow and strengthen.

To apply to sell with us contact us on

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