Super fun & cool nail art inspiration for this summer that you can try!

Floral Nails:

You will require any thin bristle brush for the petals and a dotting tool for the centre of the flowers.
P.S: This looks great when done with pastel shades. Try our pastels from the JAM! Gel Collection


Cherry Nails:

The classic french manicure with a twist looks great. Cherries give it that cool summer look. You will require White, Red and Green paint for this manicure!
Element Shades in Wild Gal, Blanc and Grasshopper will be perfect.


Classic french with a hint of lemon:

Yellow is the go to summer colour for every manicure and outfit! Adding a cute lemon decal would be the perfect summer mani idea! Use the shade Sundaze or Dirty Fellow for this look.


Summer Candy Swirls:

Abstract swirls are very in right now and have set a trend! They look great with bright shades and pastels too. You can literally put together any 5 shades and voila!


Rainbow Nails:

Dual colours when paired together look like rainbows! Try using shades of the same colour and it’’ll pretty much look like this. Simple yet fun right?

Images via  Pinterest

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