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The understanding of wellness and self care has changed in the social media age. It has become more about the products that you use than about truly taking time out to feel centered, poised and relaxed after a tough day. Self Care runs deep in psychology; it’s become a key factor in self-healing. Looking after yourself and catering to your needs is not selfish- it’s necessary to unwind and destress. At Ellement Co, we value the importance of looking after yourself, which is why we are excited to share our self care tips to celebrate Self-Care Awareness month!



Meditation is severely underrated. Plugging into music that transports you out of this world as you close your eyes and become one with the universe- this zen moment can help you unwind and completely let go of the stresses that come with life. Self Care goes beyond just looking after your looks, it’s about taking care of your mind too. 20 minutes of meditation before sleeping can get you the best sleep you’ve ever had. Better yet, start off your day with meditation to set the tone for the coming hours- filling your day with positivity and good vibes.

Getting a Scalp Massage.

A desi classic, we can never forget the weekly coconut oil champis from our mothers. Every Sunday, we would sit cross-legged on the floor as our mothers massaged the oil vigorously onto our scalps. While it may have been annoying at the moment, I remember falling into a calming trance under the magic of my mother’s fingertips. Head massages rarely are a thing when you are constantly working- but using the right oils for your hair and taking 10 minutes to massage your scalp can invigorate your mind, body, and soul. The aromatherapy and beneficial properties of our HairFood range provide the best results- making both you and your scalp happy! The best part, the pump bottles are super easy to use and totally mess-free.


No, it’s not about getting washboard abs. Exercise and getting fresh air invigorates your body. Movement is key to relieving stress. Personally, boxing classes were my go-to for the ultimate workout session. It helped relieve tension and anger that I burdened myself with. Exercise can be great for you on the inside and outside! It keeps you healthy, fit, toned and happy. Nothing can beat a good run where you feel the weight of the world just roll off your shoulders with
ease. Try to fit in 3-5 days of exercise in a week to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. The cherry on top, is the natural flush and glow on your face!

Doing Your Nails.

The act may seem a bit vain, but taking out 15-20 minutes to just focus on yourself can be extremely relaxing. From choosing the colours and carefully applying the polish to each finger tip, we can vouch for its therapeutic effects on the soul. There is something special about taking that time out and enjoying your fresh manicure- it adds that extra zing that makes you feel powerful and more put together. We highly recommend taking time out from your day to just focus on the little things. It makes a world of a difference. We suggest using our vegan and cruelty-free, Just-A-Minute! Gel Polishes that last for upto 3 weeks, for a quick and hassle free manicure.


Decluttering is a necessity. People tend to let things pile on around them, not realising that the clutter can cause subconscious stress to the soul. Cleaning up your work area and keeping it organised can bring some peace of mind back to your life. Clean, open spaces call for an open and active mind too- so let’s get to cleaning up the clutter around us and inside us as well!

These are just a few key tips that can easily fit into your daily schedules, no matter how busy you might be. Investing in your well-being will always bring the odds to your favour; love yourself and watch yourself bloom.

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