Nail Polish hacks to step up your DIY Manicure game

Nail Polish hacks to step up your DIY Manicure game

We love colorful nails, and if you are keen on achieving salon-quality nails from the comfort of your home, then follow these tips! Anyone who says they’ve never struggled through an at-home manicure is lying.

Let’s be real: painting with your not-so-dominant hand is basically torture. There’s nothing more frustrating than going to bed with freshly painted nails and waking up to find your hard work smudged. And although we enjoy pampering ourselves at the salon, there’s nothing like doing the same in the comfort of your home.

Here are DIY nail-polish hacks you can use to make your next attempt at pretty hands go a little more smoothly.

Start Clean

To avoid the accidental mishap of polish on the cuticles of your nails, apply lotion or oil on your hands before polishing. This will allow any excess polish to be removed easily from the lateral folds. It will give you a perfect, clean look after polishing. Clean nails mean a smooth canvas for your nail art masterpiece!

Create a Shield Around Your Cuticle

Take a small amount of petroleum jelly and, with a Q-tip, outline your nail along the cuticle. Now apply the nail polish, wait for it to dry, then clean it off with the same Q-tip. This will peel off any polish you may have gotten on your cuticles. It’s like magic! No more messy cuticles – just pure, polished perfection.

Soak Your Nails in Ice Water

Before getting on to paint your nails, begin by filling a bowl with cold water or some ice cubes. Once you have your polish on, dip your fingertips into the bowl filled with ice cubes for 2 minutes and do so repeatedly without touching the nail polish. The cold will harden the paint and speed up the drying process. No more waiting around like a statue, afraid to move!

Quick Dry

If you don’t have a lot of time and need your nails quickly dried, use a blow-dryer on a high temperature and a high speed between coats. It dries really well and is smudge-free. Just make sure to keep the dryer at a safe distance to avoid bubbling the polish. It’s a game-changer when you’re in a hurry!

Store Bottles Correctly

Store your nail polish bottles upright and shake the bottle before each use so your nail polish is as good as new. For better usage next time, apply petroleum jelly on the tip of the nail polish so that it can be opened easily the next time you plan on applying your favorite nail shade. Say goodbye to those stubborn, stuck lids!

Layer in for Luminosity

Tired of your sheer color going dull? Use a metallic/pearly light color first. Next, layer your favorite sheer over it as a second coat. This makes the polish shine and not lose its lustre. This trick can be done with all colors. To seal the deal, ensure that your last layer of nail polish is a clear gel to keep it in place and not let it get chapped. Get ready to dazzle with nails that catch everyone’s eye!

Bonus Tips for Extra Glam

Nail Stickers: If you’re feeling artistic, but not quite Van Gogh, nail stickers are your best friend. They come in so many fun designs and can turn a plain manicure into a stunning piece of art.

Matte Finish: Want to change things up? Try a matte topcoat over your favorite polish. It’s a quick way to give your nails a trendy, velvet-like finish.

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