Nailed It: What Your Nail Shape Says About You!

Nailed It: What Your Nail Shape Says About You!

Hey there, nail enthusiasts! Have you ever looked at your nails and wondered if they reveal something about your personality?

Well, wonder no more! Your nail shape might just be the key to unlocking some fun insights into your character.

Let's dive in and explore what your favourite nail shape says about you!

1. Square: You're all about that no-nonsense attitude. You're reliable, down-to-earth, and people know they can count on you. Your nails are always perfectly groomed, just like your life!


2. Oval: You're the epitome of femininity and elegance. Sophisticated and graceful, you have a timeless style that never goes out of fashion. Your nails are a reflection of your refined taste.

3. Round: With your friendly and approachable nature, you're the life of the party! You're easy-going and always up for a good time. Your nails are a reflection of your cheerful personality.

4. Almond: Fashionable and creative, you're always ahead of the trends. You pay attention to the smallest details, and your nails are no exception. Your almond-shaped nails are a statement of your artistic flair.

5. Stiletto: You're confident, daring, and always ready to make a statement. Your nails are your canvas, and you're not afraid to experiment with bold colours and designs. You're a trendsetter, and others look to you for fashion inspiration.

6. Squoval: Practical and balanced, you're the perfect mix of style and functionality. You know how to keep things classy while staying on top of your game. Your nails are a reflection of your smart and stylish approach to life.

So, what's your nail shape? Do you think it reflects your personality?


Whether you're a square, oval, round, almond, stiletto, or squoval, one thing's for sure - your nails are a unique expression of who you are!

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