Zodiac Signs as EC Shades: Discover your true colours!

Zodiac Signs as EC Shades: Discover your true colours!

Ever wondered what nail polish shade captures the essence of your zodiac sign? Ellement Co. has the perfect match for you! Dive into your cosmic style with these fun and fabulous shades that reflect your unique traits.

Aries - Wild Gal

You’re fierce, bold, and always ready to take on the world. "Wild Gal" is your go-to shade, representing your fiery spirit and unstoppable energy. Just like you, this shade is adventurous and unapologetically vibrant.

Taurus - Oxygen

You're grounded and reliable, with a love for all things serene and beautiful. "Oxygen" is your ideal match, symbolising your calm and steadfast nature. This cool, soothing shade mirrors your love for tranquillity and comfort.

Gemini - Earl Grey

You’re the life of the party with your witty charm and ever-curious mind. "Earl Grey" is perfect for your dual personality, offering a sophisticated yet playful vibe. This versatile shade matches your quick adaptability and endless curiosity.

Cancer - Blanc

You’re nurturing, intuitive and deeply emotional. "Blanc" is the shade that speaks to your pure, caring nature. This classic, clean white reflects your gentle soul and your ability to offer comfort to those around you.

Leo - Sundaze

You shine brighter than the sun with your confidence and charisma. "Sundaze" is your colour, embodying your radiant personality and love for being in the spotlight. This sunny shade ensures you always stand out and dazzle.

Virgo - Your Majesty

You’re meticulous, practical, and always striving for perfection. "Your Majesty" represents your refined taste and attention to detail. This elegant shade speaks to your sophisticated and analytical nature.

Libra - Berry Blush

You’re all about balance, beauty and harmony. "Berry Blush" is your match, offering a blend of grace and charm. This lovely shade captures your romantic and fair-minded spirit, making it the perfect complement to your style.

Scorpio - Wild Thoughts

You’re intense, passionate and magnetic. "Wild Thoughts" suits your mysterious and alluring nature. This deep, bold shade reflects your fearless approach to life and your enigmatic personality.

Sagittarius - Cheerleader

You’re adventurous, optimistic, and always ready for a new experience. "Cheerleader" is the shade for your spirited and fun-loving personality. This vibrant colour embodies your enthusiasm and zest for life.

Capricorn - Baesic

You’re disciplined, ambitious, and practical. "Baesic" is your ideal shade, showcasing your classic and understated style. This neutral tone reflects your grounded approach and timeless elegance.

Aquarius - Bubblegum

You’re innovative, eccentric, and always ahead of the curve. "Bubblegum" is perfect for your quirky and imaginative personality. This playful shade captures your unique and forward-thinking nature.

Pisces - French Pink

You’re dreamy, compassionate, and artistic. "French Pink" is your colour, representing your gentle and empathetic soul. This soft, romantic shade reflects your love for beauty and your creative spirit.

Embrace your zodiac sign with these fabulous Ellement Co. nail shades and let your true colours shine through!


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