Basics To Become A Nail Technician

Duration - 2 Weeks | Fully Accredited

For those taking their first steps into the industry, this course is tailor-made. Delve into the fundamentals, from nail shaping to anatomy, and advance to sophisticated techniques. Become a skilled nail technician, equipped to express creativity in the realm of nail artistry. Unlock your potential with our comprehensive program.

What will you be learning:

Nail Anatomy and Nail Prep

Nail anatomy encompasses the intricate structures and functions of the nail, while nail prep involves the important steps taken to ensure nail health and a flawless foundation for various nail techniques.

Nail Shaping

Learn how to master the art of nail shaping ensure a perfect match between your client's desires and the ideal shape, creating a flawless finish every time.

Gel Polish Application

Discover the allure of gel polishes, favored by many for their durability and glossy finish. Learn the art of flawless application and unleash your creativity to craft stunning, sophisticated nails using gel techniques.

Temporary Extensions

Learn how to give your clients instant length and design. They can be created in various styles and are applied with glue or adhesive tabs.

Gel Or Acrylic Extensions

Extensions are loved by everyone, who doesn’t love the length that extensions provide. We provide you with a comprehensive choice as to which of the two extensions you prefer to learn.

Refills and Removals 

Nail refills involve filling in the grown out part of your existing artificial nails with new product, while removals involve soaking or buffing off the entire artificial nail layer.  For safe and healthy nails, visit a professional for both!

Product and Tools Knowledge

Explore a comprehensive array of nail art tools and products, ranging from brushes and drills to vegan nail polishes, ensuring flawless nail creations from start to finish. Delve into the complete spectrum, including essentials like base coats, top coats, and innovative designs, for your ultimate nail styling journey.

Live Model Practices

Execution is paramount for learning, at Ellement Co. Nail Academy allows you to provide hands-on experience to explore and grow simultaneously.

Nail Art and Decor

Learn about nail arts that are loved and adored by everyone. This session includes a comprehensive learning on Nail Art Techniques like French Art, Glitter Work, Chrome Art, Animal Art, Free Hand Artistic Art and Blooming Gel Art.