Short Term Courses

Duration - 5-7 Days | Fully Accredited

This course offers the freedom to choose from various specialized techniques, allowing you to tailor your learning experience according to your preferences. You have the flexibility to select the course, schedule, and timing that best suit your individual needs, ensuring a personalized learning journey for everyone.

What will you be learning:

All About Gel Polishes (Duration - 5 Days)

Discover the allure of gel polishes, favored by many for their durability and glossy finish. Learn the art of flawless application and unleash your creativity to craft stunning, sophisticated nails using gel techniques like Structured Gel Polish and Overlays..

Gel X Extensions (Duration - 5 Days)

Discover Gel X, the latest trendy technique offering length and lightweight feel, strength with flexibility. Master the art of flawless Gel X application without any glue mishaps..

Acrylic Extensions (Duration - 7 Days)

The most common and enhanced form of extensions. Learn how to curate the perfect acrylic base which is strong, sturdy but yet very comfortable. Add instant length and enhanced finishing with the help of these extensions.

Gel Extensions (Duration - 7 Days)

Gel extension nails are a popular manicure technique where an artificial extension is applied using a gel-based substance, providing durability and a polished finish. This method offers clients longer-lasting and natural-looking nails compared to traditional acrylics.

PaperForm Extensions (Duration- 7 Days)

Paperform Extensions Nails offers a range of high-quality nail extensions designed to enhance your beauty routine. With a focus on durability and style, our products ensure long-lasting, salon-worthy results from the comfort of your own home.

Nail Art & Decor (Duration - 5 Days)

Learn about nail arts that are loved and adored by everyone. This session includes a comprehensive learning on Nail Art Techniques like French Art, Glitter Work, Chrome Art, Animal Art, Free Hand Artistic Art and Blooming Gel Art.