Back to Bare Gel Remover 50 pcs

Rs. 750.00
Our signature Back-To-Bare! Gel remover is an exclusive formulation which gently removes Gel Nail Polish or Extensions without drying or damaging the nail plate. This pre-soaked Remover Wrap is convenient, mess-free & easy to use!

Lightly buff the top layer of the product (gel polish, acrylic, builder). Tear the line on the remover wrap to open. Slide the finger into the wrap (ensure the cotton pad is on top of the nail) Fold the sides and top of the wrap & leave it to soak off for 15 minutes. Remove finger from the wrap and gently sand off any excess product with a Blush Buff / Cuticle pusher. Apply Roll-Me-On! Cuticle oil & gently massage.

Comes individually packed & pre soaked.

Removes gel in 15 minutes anytime, anywhere

Back-to-Bare! Gel Remover will soften and break down the bonds in the gel, releasing the gel from the natural nail without damage.

3 Years. Consume within 12 months of opening

Acetone, Ethanol, Aloe vera Extract, Perfume.