48W LED Nail Lamp Dryer

Rs. 7,590.00

Our 48 Watt LED Lamp comes with an Infrared sensor, 4 button control, Timer countdown, Digital display & a Low heat mode feature which is great for those with sensitive nail beds. This LED Nail Lamp dries gel polish within 60 seconds. It comes with a detachable tray which makes it easy & hygienic for Gel Pedicures too!

  1. Plug in the LED lamp.
  2. After prepping the nail and applying the first coat of Base Coat / Gel Polish place your fingernails under the LED lamp for 60 seconds. Ensure the nails are evenly spread apart for the Gel polish to dry well.
  3. Repeat as many times as required with each layer of Gel Polish or Builder Gel. Ensure each layer is dry, ensure the tips of the nails are also dry.
  4. Use the Low-Heat mode (99 seconds) for anyone with sensitive or damaged nails to avoid burning while curing the product.
  5. Apply the final topcoat and cure your nails for 60 seconds to firmly anchor everything.
  • DIGITAL TIME DISPLAY - The integrated LCD panel indicates Gel drying time and has a time memory feature that can be set in 10, 30, 60, or 99 seconds low heat mode. 30 seconds is advisable for any nail art, 60 seconds for Gel Polish, Builder Gel or Jell-O and 99 seconds is advisable for those with sensitive or damaged nails who feel a burning sensation while drying.
  • SENSOR SMART - When you move your hand or foot in and out of our LED Nail Lamp, it will automatically turn on and off to save power & pressing the button over and over again!
  • CONNECTION POINT: Ensure your lamp is connected to a strong and secure plug point to avoid damaging the lamp. When you are done using the lamp, ensure to turn off the main switch before pulling out the plug, to maintain your lamp well & avoid electrical damages.

1 year warranty included

ABS Plastic.