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A dappen dish is a small, shallow glass or plastic container used in nail care for holding liquids like polish remover, monomer (liquid acrylic), or any other liquid used in nail treatments. It typically has a wide base and a narrow neck, allowing for easy access to the liquid without spilling.

How to use?

Pour the liquid (polish remover, monomer, etc.) into the dappen dish, filling it to a comfortable level.
Dip a brush or cotton swab into the liquid, ensuring it is fully saturated.
Use the saturated brush or swab to apply or remove product from the nails as needed.
After use, clean the dappen dish thoroughly to remove any residue.

Product features

Made from durable glass or plastic material.
Easy to clean and reuse.
Wide base provides stability.
Narrow neck allows for precise application.
Suitable for use with various nail care liquids.

Shelf life

3 years

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