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The Duster Brush for Nails is a must-have tool for any nail technician or enthusiast. This brush is specially designed to gently remove dust and debris from nails after filing, ensuring a clean surface for polish or nail art application. Its soft bristles are gentle on nails yet effective in sweeping away dust from filing gels, acrylics, or natural nails.

How to use?

After filing your nails, gently sweep the Duster Brush across the nail surface to remove any dust or debris.
Pay special attention to the edges and corners of the nails where dust tends to accumulate.
For best results, use the Duster Brush in conjunction with a nail dust collector or a damp towel to ensure all dust is completely removed.

Product features

Soft bristles that are gentle on nails
Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip and control
Effective in removing dust from filing gels, acrylics, or natural nails
Compact size for easy storage and travel

Shelf life

3 years

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