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Extension tip cutters are tools designed specifically for trimming and shaping nail extensions, such as acrylic or gel extensions. They feature sharp, precise blades that allow for clean and accurate cuts, ensuring a professional finish.

How to use?

Begin by selecting the desired nail tip size and applying it to the natural nail.
Once the tip is in place, use the extension tip cutter to trim the tip to the desired length.
Hold the cutter perpendicular to the nail tip for a straight cut or at an angle for a more tapered look.
Gently squeeze the handles of the cutter to make the cut.
Repeat the process for each nail, ensuring all tips are cut to the same length for a uniform look.

Product features

Sharp, precise blades for clean cuts.
Comfortable handles for easy grip and control.
Durable construction for long-lasting use.
Suitable for use with acrylic, gel, and other types of nail extensions.
Helps achieve a professional-looking finish.

Shelf life

3 years

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