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Lampshade Mylars are the ultimate accessory for creating fun and chic nail art looks. These mixed-size mylars are perfect for adding an extra dimension to your nail designs. Whether you’re looking to create a stunning ombre effect or highlight your ring finger with a unique twist, After Hours Mylars provide a glamorous alternative to regular glitter. Their iridescent shine and varied sizes ensure that your nails will stand out and sparkle, perfect for any after-hours event or special occasion.

How to use?

"Prepare Your Nails: Start with clean, dry nails. Push back cuticles, trim and shape nails, and buff the surface lightly.
Apply Base Coat: Apply a thin layer of base coat and let it dry completely.
Apply Color Base: Apply your desired nail polish color and let it dry. For an ombre look, you can use multiple shades.
Add Mylars:
For an ombre effect: While the polish is still tacky, use a brush or tweezers to place the mylars starting from the tip of the nail, concentrating them more densely at the tip and gradually thinning out towards the middle of the nail.
For a ring finger accent: Apply a layer of top coat or clear polish on your ring finger nail. Use a brush or tweezers to place the mylars on the wet polish, creating your desired pattern or covering the entire nail.
Seal the Design: Once the mylars are in place, apply a generous layer of top coat to seal and protect the design. Allow it to dry completely.
Clean Up: Clean any excess mylars from around the nail using a brush dipped in nail polish remover."

Product features

"Mixed Sizes: Includes various sizes of mylars to add depth and dimension to your nail art.
Iridescent Shine: The mylars have a stunning iridescent shine that catches the light beautifully.
Versatile Use: Ideal for creating ombre effects, accent nails, or full-coverage designs.
Easy Application: Can be easily applied using a brush or tweezers.
Long-Lasting: When sealed with a top coat, the mylars provide a durable and long-lasting finish.
Non-Toxic: Made from non-toxic materials, safe for use on natural and artificial nails."

Shelf life

3 years

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