Metallic Chrome Pieces Gold Flakes

Rs. 550.00

Gold flakes that add foil like texture to your nails and making it look ellegant. Add to your manicure with these beautiful pre-cut flakes which add a subtle yet perfect glam quotient to your look! One of our best selling art products. You can easily do it yourself on regular or gel polish!

Apply color polish or gel. Follow with Gloss Top Coat (regular or gel) & allow it to dry. Apply Metallic Chrome Pieces with applicator (included) OR tweezer (purchased separately). Seal with top coat (gel or regular) to finish the manicure!

Take a bit of the powder and apply it to the nail with a tapping motion.

When applying the final non-wipe or standard top gel to finish, wipe the brush after each application or take out some gel from the container and place in a separate dish or palette to prevent the powder from mixing with the top gel.

Incase of any mistake in application of the Metallic chrome flakes to the incorrect area, wipe with nail cleanser or alcohol wipe.