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Ellement Co.'s new and improved Mini LED Nail Lamp is an essential tool for effortless gel nail application. It comes with a wider top, is more user-friendly, swiftly dries nails, and conveniently folds occupying minimal space while delivering impeccable results! A sleek and portable lamp, it includes a USB cable, eliminating the necessity for a plug point. This compact LED Nail lamp efficiently cures your gel polishes with speed and precision.

How to use?

"1. Press the button gently for nail polish drying; it features two timer options.

2. A short press cures for 45 seconds, while a long press cures for 60 seconds, with an automatic timer shutdown."

Product features

"1. The lamp has a one-button design with a built-in timer.

2. Ideal for use at home, suitable for learners and beginners.

3. Connects easily to a plug point, laptop, or power bank via USB, ensuring user-friendliness while on the move.

4. Foldable, travel-friendly design, fitting effortlessly into a standard makeup bag.

5. It can be used for gel polish, nail art, extensions, and soft gel tips. "

Shelf life

"3 years
*6 Months Warranty Included"

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