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Our monomer liquid is the ultimate must-have for strong natural nail overlays and extensions with acrylic powder.

It is a low odor liquid-based anti-yellowing monomer that provides true color visibility, making it easier to achieve the desired look. The medium-drying liquid allows for ample time to sculpt the nails properly with greater ease, resulting in a smooth and flawless finish. This liquid also provides maximum product adhesion to nails, giving strength to nail extensions and preventing them from cracking or peeling off.

With this liquid, you can create stunning nail designs with ease and confidence.

*Available in 100ml & 500ml

How to use?

"1. Make sure the nail bed is prepped by removing any polish and cleaning it with a Nail Cleanser before applying your acrylic powder.

2. To prevent lifting after application, brush away the gloss on the nail plate.

3. Now, take your brush and dip it into the monomer. Then wipe away any surplus liquid so that it collects at the brush’s end. Now, gently press the brush tip into the powder’s surface, gathering enough powder to cover the entire nail.

4. Use the body of the brush to spread and tap the acrylic into the nail, and if needed, dip it into the monomer during application to promote flexibility.

5. Tap softly to allow for a smooth application; this will also help you save time during filing.

6. Allow for thorough drying of the powder.

7. After the nail has dried, hand-file the side walls and use a buffer to smooth off the top. Simply apply a polish top coat over this powder once you’ve finished filing."

Product features

"1. This high-strength formula ensures superior adhesion to the nail plate, providing a flawless gloss without requiring a primer.

2. Formulated with UV stabilizers, this premium acrylic liquid maintains color clarity, preventing yellowing or fading.

3. It can be used with all glam acrylic powders and 3D acrylic color powders.

4. It helps in smooth product application which leads to less buffing of the product.

Pro Tip: For a more pleasant experience, use this acrylic liquid in a well-ventilated area to minimize any strong odors."

Shelf life

"3 years
*Consume within 12 months of opening "


"Ethyl Methacrylate, Triethylene
Glycol Dimethacrylate Esters,
N,N- dimethyl-p-toluidine"

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