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Builder gels are versatile nail enhancement products used in the construction of artificial nails. They come in various colors, including clear, boardroom queen, natural, white, and light pink. Natural builder gels mimic the color of natural nails, providing a subtle enhancement.

How to use?

"Prep the nail bed to remove oil residue with dry
manicure & nail cleanser. Primer & Dehydrator (optional). Apply a thin layer of Builder Gel. Avoid the corners & cuticles. Cure for 60 or 99 seconds. Apply 2 or 3 layers as per the preference of thickness/ sculpting requirement. Wipe the last coat with Nail Cleanser. Gently buff and shape for finishing. Ready to polish away!

Product features

"Strength and Durability: Builder gels are known for their strength, making them ideal for extending and building nail enhancements.

Versatility: They can be used for a variety of nail services, including natural nail overlays, tip overlays, and sculpting.

Flexibility: Despite their strength, builder gels are flexible, providing a more natural feel compared to some other nail enhancement products.

Self-Leveling: Builder gels are self-leveling, making application easier and reducing the need for excessive filing.

Long-Lasting Shine: They often provide a high-gloss finish that can last for weeks, maintaining the manicure's appearance for an extended period."

Shelf life

Consume within 12 months of opening

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