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Introducing our versatile and gentle wooden orange sticks, the must-have nail art tool for any nail care routine! Our orange sticks offer a multitude of uses, making them an essential addition to your nail care kit. Use them to gently push back cuticles, remove stubborn gel polish, clean under your nails, or create intricate nail art designs. Made with high-quality materials, our orange sticks are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that you can achieve flawless nails every time.

How to use?

The pointed end could be used to clean nail polish outside your nails; the flat end is perfect for cleaning nails and pushing back cuticles.

Product features

These high-quality nail sticks are composed of smooth, non-toxic natural orange wood.

These wood sticks may be used as a point needle, cuticle pusher removal, or to clear the overflow of nail paint.

They have a spade shape on one end and a sharp tip on the other.

Portable, disposable, nice-shape and easy to use

Shelf life

3 years

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