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For perfect gel polish adhesion, start with Ellement Co. Nail Primer. This primer for nails removes oil and grease, creating a coarse surface for better adherence. It extends the life of your nails by preventing lifting or cracking and protects your natural nails. Apply nail primer after cuticle removal, then follow with dehydrator to prep nails for enhancements. Achieve flawless, long-lasting results with our primer for nails.

How to use?

1. Primer for nails helps in the removal of excess oil or grease from the nail plate.

2. Nail Primer prevents the chipping and lifting of the nail, strengthening the manicure.

3. Avoids any dirt, air, or water from penetrating the space between your natural nails and gel nails, hence preventing bacterial development

4. It just requires one dip to coat the nails of one hand.

5. Works well with various nail enhancement techniques.

Product features

1. Get rid of any excess cuticles with the help of Ellement Co. Cuticle Remover and Ellement Co. Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher.

2. Buff and file your nails.

3. Apply a generous layer of Ellement Co. Primer and follow it up with a coat of Ellement Co. Primer.

4. Wait 2 to 4 seconds for it to dry.

5. Apply the Ellement Co. Just-A-Minute! Base Coat and cure it under an LED lamp after this step.

Shelf life

Consume this nail primer within 12 months of opening.


Ethyl Acetate, Isopropylidenediphenyl Bisoxyhydroxypropyl Methacrylate, HEMAp-hydroxyanisole Hydroquinone

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