Striping Tapes 10 pcs

Rs. 550.00

Perfect for any kind of geometric or cleaning straight line finishing. Striping Tape has been designed for easily painting long straight lines/stripes. It has pre-cut lines to give a variety of stripe options and its non-bleed properties give a perfect finish.

Striping tape is a super-thin, self-adhesive nail art tape that can curve (or not) to however you want it. Stick the end and then bend and curve the tape for simple, metallic designs that are super easy and super classy.

Use with Transfer Foil Glue for extra strong adhesion. Finish with a Gloss Top Coat (Gel or Regular Polish) for a long-lasting stay time.

Set of 10 includes 6 glitter / holographic strips and 3 regular colours for negative spacing nail art.