Transfer Foil

Rs. 300.00

Create a complex look with Transfer Foil. Gives the ideal "mixed metals" finish over any regular or Gel Polish look. You would require Transfer Foil Glue to achieve the desired look.

1. Shape your nail bed, push back your cuticles, and remove all oils.

2. Apply a base coat and let it dry.

3. Paint your nails, then wait for it to dry.

4. Put Transfer Foil Glue on your nails (ensure the polish is fully dry or the Gel Polish is cured), then cut a piece of foil (just big enough for the nail) and press it on your nails. On the nails, several foil designs can be blended.

5.Remove the foil; the foil design should now be adhered to your nail. If a piece is missing, simply apply top coat to the section that was not taken and repeat step 4.

Easy to use and create Nail Art.

How do I prepare my nails for nail foils? - Remove all of your old polish with nail polish remover, then push back your cuticles. Apply a clear base coat and wait for it to dry, then pick out a nail polish that matches the color of the foil you’ll be using.

Do I need to apply a top coat to seal my nails? - Yes, a top coat is very important—without it, your nail foils might not stay on. You can use a regular clear nail polish top coat, or you can go for a gel one for longer lasting coverage. Whichever top coat you choose, it’s important to swipe it over the edges of your nails, too. That way, the foil won’t peel up at the edges.

How do I remove nail foils?

Soak your nails in Polish Vanish (Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover), and the foils will come right off. Removing nail foils is pretty much exactly like removing nail polish, so there’s no special procedure. They’ll slide right off your nails, and you can get ready for your next nail polish look.